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Class Placement Policy

The most important aspect of class placement is that students are put into the level that will provide the most benefit to them. For class placement to be truly successful, both the parents and students must trust the professional judgment of each instructor.

Each class level has set requirements. Before a dancer is to advance to the next level, their instructor must be satisfied with the execution of the technique demonstrated and style initiated of the level they are currently working at. In all classes, there will always be dancers who are at the top of the class, those in the middle and those at the bottom. However all dancers excel in different areas. While Student A might be an excellent turner, her/his jumps might lack turn out. Consequently while Student B might have great extensions, s/he might have no control of their centre. And Student C might be behind in most technical areas, but demonstrates the most passion and style for her/his class. Again, it is up to the parents and students to trust the judgment of Got 2 Dance Productions staff.

Most times, students are placed according to their age, ability and experience. Of course there are some exceptions, such as a young student whose talent and focus (determined by the instructor and not the parent) require that she be placed in a class above her age level. Other reasons may be that there are simply not enough students to form two levels of classes. The minimum number of students needed to run a class is five, so in some cases multilevel classes might need to be formed. In this situation, the instructor will accommodate both levels’ needs. Additionally there is the case of older beginners. Mature students can understand, remember, and master the basics faster than those who are younger and less experienced. Consequently they will progress to higher levels at a faster pace.

At G2D, we want to provide the best dance experience possible for our students. Thanks for cooperating!