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Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program is designed for students’ age 6-7 (Rising Stars) and 8+, who are ready to take dance more seriously. Performing Arts students dance from September through April, and are required to participate in three festivals plus two recitals throughout the year. More performances equal a greater time commitment. Dancers will be placed in classes that are best suited to their age and ability in each discipline of dance. All Performing Arts classes are a minimum of 45 minutes.

Classes available for the Performing Arts program are as follows:

Back 2 Basics

The basics are the fundamentals of dance, helping dancers develop a strong technical base for all dance forms. Performing Arts students (with the exception of students taking hip hop or ballet only) are required to take our basic classes. Why? Ballet and jazz are dance building blocks. Without training in both, it becomes increasingly difficult to move into other techniques.

Ballet Technique

Ballet is a foundational element for all things dance. G2D dancers will follow the RAD technique to develop their ballet training. Ballet technique is a required class for all Performing Arts students (minus those taking just hip hop) and will be 45 minutes per week.

Ballet Choreography

Ballet technique will be applied to learn dance routines to perform at various festivals G2D attends throughout the year. Ballet choreography class is 30 minutes per week. Technique and choreography classes are scheduled within one time slot to make life easier for our dance families!

Jazz Technique

Have a blast in this fast paced, high-energy dance class. Learn exciting jumps, turns and combinations used in all dance forms. Jazz dance has a technical base grounded in the fundamentals of ballet. Jazz is required class for all Performing Arts dancers wishing to enroll in optional classes listed below and is 45 minutes per week.

Jazz Choreography

Jazz technique will be applied to learn dance routines to perform at various festivals G2D attends throughout the year. Jazz choreography class is 30 minutes per week. Technique and choreography classes are scheduled within one time slot to make things easier for our dance families!


Variety is a fun, energetic class with a theatrical angle. This class combines dance with specialty dance forms, acting, drama and/or singing. G2D has decided to include this class in the Back 2 Basics package for free, and a routine will be created incorporating all G2D dancers! Each Variety class will start with a half hour Conditioning class weekly, where we focus on strength, stretch and flexibility training.

Expand Your Repertoire

These classes are available in addition to the basics package and are designed to expand and heighten one’s dance experience. Each class is optional allowing you to tailor a dance program specific to you!

Modern Dance

Modern dance takes you outside the box with movements that are original and challenging. Modern began as a movement away from ballet – using the body in its full range of motion without set body positions. Use of contraction and release, grounding and the body’s response to gravity are emphasized.


Contemporary has evolved from modern dance and combines both principles of modern and ballet, which is why taking modern is a requirement for those also taking contemporary. In terms of the focus of its technique, contemporary dance tends to utilize both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet and modern’s stress on the torso, and also employs contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance.


Lyrical tells a story through dance and combines classical ballet and jazz technique. This class helps develop strength, flexibility and balance with a strong ballet base.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fast, high-energy type of dance seen in music videos and commercials. Elements of jazz, street, popping, locking, and breaking are incorporated in this style of dance. Hip Hop students do not have to take ballet or jazz but these classes are strongly recommended. G2D also offers an adult hip hop class where dancers participate in two festivals and our year-end recital.


An advanced form of ballet technique done on special Pointe shoes that allows dancers to go up on their toes. A pre-pointe class is offered to build readiness for pointe. Enrollment may be left to the discretion of the teacher.


Acrobatic dance is designed to promote excellence in tumbling, flexibility, strength, balance, contortion, and partner/group stunting for dancers. Elements of gymnastics mixed with the grace of dance! Acro is comprised of both a 45 minute technique class and 30 minute choreography class so that we can ensure our dancers are safely and properly developing their technique in addition to their festival routines.

Rising Stars Ballet & Jazz

Geared towards six and seven year olds who have at least one year of prior dance experience. The Rising Stars classes will work on a jazz and ballet routine that will participate in one festival in either April or May. The class will run once a week for 45 minutes. Dancers can take one or both classes!