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Studio Rules and Policies

We know that our parents and dancers have a lot on the go throughout the year, and want to make your dance experience with us as easy as possible! Please read below for our policies that will help ensure a successful dance season.


Although we have a front desk reception area in our foyer, it is not typically staffed by a G2D instructor. Payments can be made by e-transfer, by cash, cheque or credit card. Please ensure that cash or cheque payments brought in to your instructor are in a labelled envelope with the student’s name and what the payment is for (lesson fees, festival fees, costume fees, etc.) This simply ensures your payment is tracked properly as numerous payments come in each week. Receipts for payments will be issued by email, unless otherwise specified.


Student Absences

If your dancer is going to be absent from class, please notify G2D by email or phone call. Performing Arts students are allowed three inexcusable absences per class throughout the dance season. After this your instructor reserves the right to choreograph a dancer out of a portion of the choreography. If it becomes an ongoing problem a dancer may be asked to leave the class all together. Excusable absences include family vacations, illness and family emergencies. If you are feeling well enough to attend your class and watch, this is preferable so that you don’t miss out on choreography. Remember – dance is a team sport! Dancers who are frequently absent can fall behind quickly, letting down their teammates.

Withdrawing From a Class

We understand that circumstances may arise causing a dancer to withdraw from a class. If this is the case, please notify us and we can help ensure the proper steps are taken.


Performing Arts dancers attend three festivals throughout the dance season, and parent and dancer input is considered into what festivals are chosen. Festival dates are announced months in advance and attendance is mandatory. Please avoid booking vacations or other commitments during festival dates. When a dancer is missing from a performance, it impacts the entire group and refunds for festival fees are not provided.

Student Lounge

Our basement received the last of its renovations this summer and looks great! Students should wait for their classes downstairs and leave their bags, cell phones and other belongings in change room lockers. Please bring a lock to ensure your valuables are kept safe! The student lounge features a hangout area, table and microwave, washroom, change room and lockers. Please keep this area clean and be mindful of the time so that you are on time for your classes when they begin!

Viewing Windows & Observers

Studio B has viewing windows for you to see what your dancer is doing! Windows will only be open for designated time periods throughout the class, as it can easily become a distraction to dancers. Please ensure that any visiting children refrain from running around the studio and crawling on studio equipment such as mats and props.

Dance Attire

All dance attire should be labelled with your name! Things like bags, shoes, costumes, wrap skirts, tights, etc. should have a dancer’s name or initials written inside them in the event that they are lost or misplaced. Please ensure you keep all your belongings in a bag in the student lounge so that you do not lose them. Our lost and found is also located downstairs for any items left behind each week.

Class Placement Policy

All of G2D’s class placements are based on our policy. Questions or concerns should be brought forward to Anne-Alisa and Gjenna. Thank you!